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Advanced Airflow Management


Our Airflow Control Systems

Developed over the course of three decades, our holddown and flotation systems deliver the perfect balance of vacuum suction and blowback timing necessary for safe and effective material handling.

Our lightweight sandwich design yields a superior strength-to-weight ratio, and the table’s honeycomb core provides uniform airflow for maximum control of holddown.

Designed for use with flat substrates, 3D components and parts, these reliable systems handle sensitive materials like glass and acrylics with the respect they deserve. In turn, scratching of the substrate is virtually eliminated as it is removed from the vacuum table. We also have the technology to help eliminate the troublesome “dimpling” on thin sheets.

Determining the right amount of vacuum force needed to adequately hold a substrate or component in place involves the control of many variables. Blower size, air hose size, port placement, substrate thickness, vacuum hole size and weight all need to be considered when designing a holddown/flotation system. Substrate volatility, material handling requirements and other factors also contribute to the list of engineering and manufacturing considerations.


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